Monday, October 3, 2011

31/F/traditional looking for traditional/modern ortho cool guy

31/F/petite, active, pretty traditional looking for traditional/modern ortho funny mature cool guy

First Name/Full Name/Initials of Single: Liz
Relationship to single: sister
Age: 31
Relationship Status (Single/Divorced/Separated/Widowed) Single
Religious Level/Affiliation: Traditional, knowledegable, semi kosher( doesn't eat meat out)
Location (City/State): Hollywood, FL 
Occupation: Fashion Designer, searching for new career
About: Half sephardic, half ashkenazi, 5'4, fun, active, adventurous, homemaker, loves to cook and great cook, physically fit, loves the gym, interested in becoming more spiritual, great style, caring, wants children
Brief description of what single is seeking: funny, active, caring, appreciative, mentally strong and stable, likes good food and good times, flexible on appearance but has to be attractive in her eyes, career stability
Other important information: 
Single's contact person: Danielle

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