Monday, October 3, 2011

19/F/Modern Yeshivish looking for dog lover

19/F/Modern Yeshivish looking for dog lover
First Name/Full Name/Initials of Single: Chaya Cohen

Relationship to single: Shadchanit

Age: 19

Relationship Status: single

Religious Level/Affiliation: Modern Yeshivish, Kook leanings

Location (City/State): Milwaukee, WI

Occupation: dog trainer

Chaya is a gem, both very committed and very funny. She has sterling
middos and is very mature. She is open minded and caring, and doesn't
compromise on her values.
She is tznius and shomer negia, she loves reading, writing, music,
animals, cooking and socializing. She would love to make alia one day.

Brief description of what single is seeking:
The boy should be serious about getting married, honest, hashkafically
compatible, modern and opened, positive, not closed to the secular
world, willing to travel to date and to relocate, and he should like
He should also be serious about his Judaism, learning or willing to
learn (kovea itim).

Other important information:

Single's contact person: Rahel Jarach-Sztern, or FB

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