Thursday, September 22, 2011

24/F/Modern Chabad Artist looking for Silly and Serious, 22-30

24/F/Modern Chabad Artist looking for Silly and Serious, 22-30

First Name/Full Name/Initials of Single: Shaina E. B-A
Relationship to single: Sister-in-law
Age: 24
Relationship Status: Single
Religious Level/Affiliation: Modern Chabad
Location (City/State): Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Freelance Artist/Photographer

She loves to be creative in everything she does, whether it's photography, digital art, clay sculptures, or even cooking - and she's great at it all.

Her interests are varied, and tend to lean toward the unusual - from forensics, to indie music, to all kinds of art, and she likes to learn about the variety of foods in different cultures and make kosher versions if possible.

While being somewhat shy, herself, she loves to make other people laugh.  Her sense of humor includes oddly-timed staring contests, cartoon-like voices, using nonsense words as a greeting, and the occasional pun.

She loves to help people - she's very family oriented, and she also volunteers at shul.  She also loves kids, and wants to start a family.

She seeks to balance frumkeit with the secular world - she's shomer shabbos, kashrus, etc, and she also watches TV and movies and listens to secular music.

Brief description of what single is seeking:
She's looking for a guy, 22-30, who also has a balance of the secular and frum, a sense of humor, and likes to maintain a neat appearance - beards are fine (even good) but not if they're unkempt.  Chabad is preferred, but Chabad-friendly will also be considered.

Other important information: 
* She and her siblings converted when she was in elementary school, so she's not kohein-eligible.
* She's interested in relocation, but her ability to travel is pretty limited right now.

Single's contact person: Miriam Brandenburg-Andreasen,

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